AHCS Regulation Board

Regulation Board is responsible and accountable for the establishment and maintenance of the Academy’s Registers (and their constituent Parts where relevant) of suitably qualified members, and is independently chaired and operates at arms-length from the Academy.

The core objective of the Regulation Board is to protect the public by mitigating the risks posed to service users and the public by the healthcare workforce that is regulated by and via the AHCS.

Regulation Board approves, implements and monitors the AHCS’s Regulatory Framework. The Framework sets out the overarching standards, principles, and generic policies, practices and Rules for the Register and the licensing arrangements for the Councils. Regulation Board also approves the Terms of Reference for each Registration and Directories Council, and sets out the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each Council. It has authority and responsibility for all Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accreditation, liaising with and reporting on PSA accredited Registers to the PSA via the Registrar.

The detailed operation of the AHCS Regulation Board is set out in its Terms of Reference and Governance Structure.

Agenda and Executive Summary are available from the Regulation Board meetings

The Education Standards and Training Committee (ETSC)

The Education Standards and Training Committee (formerly the Education Standing Panel)  is a committee of the Academy’s Regulation Board. It has been set up to provide expert advice and guidance to support AHCS Regulation Board in the oversight of the STP Equivalence process, including meeting Health and Care Professions Council statutory annual monitoring requirements.

The committee’s Terms of Reference are available here.