About the CRP Directory

Purpose of the Directory

The Directory provides a platform for pre-registered and registered CRPs to connect with each other and receive information and support about developments within the profession. The Directory serves as a ‘pre-registration’ space for those CRPs who are intending to apply to join the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs.

Since the launch in 2018 the Directory has grown significantly, and currently lists a community of almost 1,900 members.


Benefits of joining the Directory

Benefits include:

  • Public visibility of your listing on the CRP Directory.
  • Opportunity to be part of the Academy for Healthcare Science and connection to the wider Healthcare Science workforce.
  • Opportunity to identify and connect with other CRPs in your area through NIHR online forums.
  • Ability to influence and contribute to further developments of their CRP profession.
  • Being informed about the latest information about the developments of their professional role and news regarding both AHCS and NIHR. Those listed on the CRP Directory receive a monthly newsletter by email. The newsletter includes articles by CRPs about their role and useful hints and tips about joining the register.

Those listed on the CRP Directory also receive information about events and opportunities available including the annual awards for CRPs and national CRP meetings.

Joining the Directory is the first stage for CRPs who intend to make an application to the Accredited Register.


Applying for the CRP Directory

You can apply to join the CRP Directory if you are:

  • Not registered to a healthcare profession.
  • Working in a research delivery role that involves direct contact with patients, or other study participants, in a clinical environment or other health and social care research setting in the UK.
  • A registered, or previously registered, healthcare professional seeking to join the CRP Register in relation to a transition in their individual scope of practice*


N.B. 1. A listing on the CRP Directory does not guarantee eligibility to join the CRP Register;

*2. Joining the CRP Directory, or seeking to join the CRP Register, will not serve statutory registered professionals involved in delivery of research as they will already be best served by their existing regulator and/or professional body. Where individual scope of practice may be transitioning to that of a CRP, dual registration, or registration solely on the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs may be appropriate and will be considered by AHCS on a case-by-case basis.

Please review the diagram highlighting the routes to registration.