Do I need Equivalence?

The Government said in its response to the House of Commons Select Committee Report of Session 2014/15: Accountability hearing with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) that ‘the Academy for Healthcare Science Voluntary Register offers assurance that is appropriate and proportionate to the risks presented to public safety.’

Subsequently, the AHCS received accreditation for its register from the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). This means that the Academy has met the PSA’s demanding standards of governance. These include standards setting, education and training, management of the register, provision of information and complaints handling.

Thousands of people have applied for Equivalence through one of the AHCS’ programmes. Reasons for you to apply for the AHCS’ equivalence programmes may include:

  • Wishing to appear on an accredited Healthcare Science Register in order to show your commitment to maintaining standards of education, competence and conduct and providing assurance for employers, patients and the public.
  • As an alternative route to registration, rather than attending a formal NSHCS training programme; having trained before the current system of accredited training programmes for Healthcare Science began, and needing recognition of your training for further career progression.
  • Having significant experience as a scientist, but not in a health setting and wanting to undertake a Healthcare Science role.
  • Having trained in a country without accredited Healthcare Science education and training, and wishing to practise in the UK.