Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement work with the National School of Healthcare Science

HEI accreditation

The Academy oversees NSHCS accreditations, joins some visits as an independent observer, and is part of an oversight group that reviews all visits and self-assessments to ensure consistency.

Workplace accreditation

The Academy endorses the NSHCS drive for higher standards and has helped NSHCS to link its works to various service accreditation initiatives, so as to share intelligence and minimise bureaucracy.

QA alignment with HEE and links to wider HEE Intelligence

The Academy is continuing to work with HEE and NSHCS to exploit the potential for fuller sharing of multi-professional QA intelligence. We are committed to sharing information on best practise with a range of organisations including employers, Health Education England and the Professional Standards Authority. Feedback provides good intelligence on areas that need to be improved. A lay Academy representative is exploring ways in which a new joined up approach can be cemented. Together we are maximising the potential for information sharing, so as to drive up standards across the board.