Healthcare Science Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a job with training. It enables someone to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to perform effectively in a particular occupation. The occupation is defined in the apprenticeship standard (Institute for Apprenticeships, 2017).

Three Standards have been developed by a Trailblazer group for Healthcare Science:

Level 2 – Healthcare Science Assistants (published October 2015)

Level 4 – Healthcare Science Associates (published May 2016)

Level 6 – Healthcare Science Practitioners (published January 2017)

Apprenticeships must last a minimum of 12 months and include 20 per cent structured off-the-job training before the end-point assessment takes place, to develop competence in an occupation.

The end-point assessment takes place when apprentices have completed their on-programme training and is mandatory. The end-point assessments are undertaken by an independent assessment organisation, which must be on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations held by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). The assessments must follow the published end-point assessment plans, also developed by the Trailblazer Groups (see links above).

What is the Academy’s role?

All organisations undertaking end-point assessments must be quality assured by another approved organisation. The Academy is the external quality assurance organisation identified in the Healthcare Science standards. We are currently developing the quality assurance process to be used.

The National School of Healthcare Science

The National School is a key source of information for employers and potential apprentices in Healthcare Science, and is applying to become an Assessment Organisation for delivery of the End-point Assessment for Level 4 in the first instance.