Clinical Research Practitioners

COVID 19 Response

The NIHR and the AHCS aim to use the Clinical Research Practitioner Directory as a source of support for the community during these challenging times. We encourage all Practitioners to join the Directory to access information and connection. There will be no charge to join the Directory for a 12 month period starting the 14th April 2020.

The implementation of the PSA Accredited Register is delayed while the workforce focus is on the response to clinical pressures and setting up COVID 19 research.  Our aim is to support eligible Practitioners to move from the Directory to the Register when the time is right. We will keep you updated through the Directory and will be re-launching the Directory website with further information after Easter.

The NIHR Directory for Clinical Research Practitioners has been established to create a Community of Practice as a foundational step in defining the professional identity of this diverse group.

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) work in research delivery roles that involve direct contact with patients and activities in clinical environments and other health and social care settings. The CRP role has grown and developed in response to the changing landscape and continuing expansion of clinical research activity.  The skills and expertise that CRPs bring to the delivery of safe, ethical and high-quality clinical research care are a vital resource within multi-disciplinary teams.

The NIHR Directory for Clinical Research Practitioners sits within the regulatory framework, administrative functions and oversight of the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS).

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