Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP) Register

The Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP) are the professional guardians of physiological measurement and interpretation within the field of respiratory medicine for the United Kingdom. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, ARTP is a collection of healthcare scientists who bring inspiration and quality into respiratory healthcare.

Often working with partner organisations and societies, ARTP produce position papers, national guidelines and standards for good practice in:

  • the performance of respiratory measurement, including closely working with industry partners
  • the delivery of lung function and sleep services, including working closely with the Department of Health in formulating policy and in the strategic direction of the profession.

Furthermore, ARTP links with equivalent national organisations around the world to deliver global standards in respiratory healthcare involving respiratory technology and physiology (such as Assembly 9 of the European Respiratory Society).

Aims & Objectives

To advance for the public benefit the service and practice of Respiratory Physiology and allied subjects by:

  • Delivering and promoting education and training programmes to ensure competence to practice
  • Establishing relevant standards of practice
  • Promoting research and audit
  • Promoting advances in diagnostic, treatment and care of patients with respiratory disease
  • Communicating with all stakeholders
  • Representing the interests of practitioners at all levels

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