Chairman’s Awards 2019

The Chairman’s Awards are presented as a way of thanking people who have helped Scientists or the Academy (or both) to continue having an impact.

John Stevens, Chairman, said “We feel it is important to acknowledge and thank those who have made contributions to the Academy”.

Awards were presented to:

Professor Brendan Cooper

John said “As President, Brendan performs this role in a voluntary capacity, as well as providing a clinical service for patients, volunteering in Nepal and so on.  Brendan has provided a good start as President and worked hard to bring the Professional Bodies together.  This is my opportunity to thank him”.

Patricia le Rolland

John said “Specifically I would like to acknowledge Pat’s input on Regulation and Governance.  Pat has been instrumental in supporting and advising on all things relating to our Registers.  The team have really appreciated her input and support, for us she is a regulation guru.  Thank you, Pat”.

Shelley Heard

John said “Shelley has been instrumental in supporting the advancement of the profession and I felt it important to acknowledge all of her work and wisdom.  If you remember Shelley’s role in MSC and specifically HSST, and she continues to support the advancement of the profession in her other leadership roles.  I want to formally thank Shelley for her ongoing contribution and dedication”.

Brian Campbell

John said “Brian has contributed to the work of the Academy in many areas.  He is approachable and is seen to have significant leadership qualities”.

Elaine Jenkins

John said “Elaine has played a significant role in the Academy in working with the School, HCPC and on the licensing arrangement.  Elaine has refined equivalence and has been instrumental in our work with NIHR and on Advancing Clinical Practice.  Elaine’s commitment is felt to be over and above what would be expected.  She is an excellent team player and I want to acknowledge that”.

Alan Birks

John said “ Alan has worked with the team on the Life Science Industry Register and has chaired the Education Group and brokered many areas for us. Latterly, Alan has been instrumental in spreading the word about the LSI Register.  Alan’s award is to thank him for giving up a lot of his time (his retirement time!) to continue supporting this work”.

Helen Rimington

John said “Helen has been instrumental in getting the Academy started.  She has been a prolific assessor and contributed to many of the initial documents.  I wanted to ensure we acknowledged Helen’s contribution and thanked her”.