Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

  • To ensure that science and Healthcare Science continues to be recognised as a fundamental building block of the health and care system.
  • Delivering Recognition, Reputation and Regulation for the profession.

Why we are here

We carry out a range of activity to take forward the Healthcare Science profession, with specific responsibilities within the education and training system for Healthcare Science.

We want to see Healthcare Science recognised and respected as one of the key clinical professions, including statutory regulation for all our staff groups to ensure protection for the patients we serve.

The Academy’s key functions are to:

  • Act as the overarching body for issues related to education, training and development in the UK health system and beyond including standards and quality management of education and training, specifically around the Modernising Scientific Careers programme
  • Ensure the profession has a high profile sufficient to influence and inform a range of stakeholders on Healthcare Science and scientific services in the health and social care systems across the UK
  • Facilitate engagement with and support for wider strategic scientific initiatives