Intellectual Property Statement

As HCPC Education Provider and key contact with the HCPC, the Academy has ownership of:

– Good Scientific Practice

– The AHCS Quality Assurance Framework for Healthcare Science

– Standards of Education and Training

– Standards of Curriculum Development

– Attainment and Equivalence Programme Handbooks

As Regulator, the Academy is PSA-Accredited and has ownership of:

– The Regulation Council (covering all levels except Master’s level)

– Fitness to Practise (covering all levels except Master’s level)

– Regulation Rules

– Standards of Proficiency

Information used OR shared for the purpose of application to PSA or displayed and held within this or any other associated website cannot be used or altered without prior written agreement of the AHCS CEO.

Any organisation that the AHCS has been working with in good faith, which subsequently makes an application to PSA within 12 months of any agreement, verbal or written or in kind, or which uses information or expertise that has been gained from working with AHCS colleagues without the written agreement of AHCS, will be subject to legal action for reimbursement of consultancy costs or the lost business cost – whichever is greater.