SCST Members

Prior to February 2018, the Society for Cariological Science and Technology (SCST) had been in discussions with both RCCP and the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) as to the future of statutory regulation within our profession.  In February 2018, SCST Council members voted unanimously to transfer its support from the RCCP register to the AHCS Accredited Register and in March 2018, SCST issued a statement to say that it had been proud to support RCCP over the previous 17 years but felt that the AHCS was best positioned to facilitate the long-held aim of gaining statutory regulation for the majority of the profession.

Members of the SCST, both new and existing and those currently on the RCCP register, can utilise a streamlined application process to join the AHCS Clinical Physiology register if they apply through the SCST Registrar ( The annual registration fee is £30.

Current members of SCST just need to email their name, address, current work address, RCCP registrant number and SCST number to

If you are not currently a member of SCST, you can still complete an application form (available from SCST website) and provide your details (as above).