What is One Voice?

The Academy works with other professional organisations to share information, offer mutual support and to deal with relevant issues around the specific area of Healthcare Science. The Academy shares much in common with those organisations, for example – workforce, training standards, quality of services, scientific knowledge and practise as well as concerns over regulation and a mutual concern for the future of the NHS and UK healthcare.

Our constituency of many professions is no different to other professional groups, where the overarching characteristics are that:

  • “One voice” is stronger than many voices
  • “One voice” is heard with clarity and resonance
  • One clear message can be delivered when everyone shares it intention
  • “One Voice” cuts across all our work as Healthcare scientists

The Academy provides a forum, through its Professional Council, for representatives of the HCS professional bodies in Healthcare Science to work together to identify issues of common interest/concern, and agree where possible a shared position and circulate this widely.

The Academy has developed strong communication networks throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and provides a forum for discussion on emerging issues to provide collective input into consultations on issues that have relevance to most of the Health Care Science workforce.

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