Open Consultations

We will update this page with information about any current or open consultations.

Consultation on HCPC registration fees

HCPC are consulting on proposals to increase registration fees. If adopted, the changes would be effective from 1 October 2019 and existing registrants would pay the new renewal fee when their profession next renews its registration.

The increases are needed to support HCPC’s new strategic focus of promoting professionalism and preventing fitness to practise issues from arising.  HCPC also need to continue to invest in the services offered to registrants. The consultation takes place in the context of keeping pace with the cost of inflation and the impact on their operations and income when social workers in England transfer to Social Work England in 2019.

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Consultation on Standards for prescribing

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is seeking views on proposed changes to the Standards for prescribing.

The Standards for prescribers have two purposes and so are set out in two parts.

  • The standards for education providers set out the processes and procedures that an education provider delivering training in prescribing must have in place in order to deliver the training safely and effectively.
  • The standards for all prescribers set out the knowledge, understanding and skills that a registrant must have when they complete their prescribing training and which they must continue to meet once in practice.

These standards, therefore, set out safe and effective prescribing practice. They are the threshold standards we consider necessary to protect members of the public. They are also the standards we use to assess and approve education and training programmes in prescribing.

The HCPC’s current Standards for prescribing were published in August 2013. Since this time, we have seen a number of important changes in non-medical prescribing practice and regulation.

The consultation is now open. Download the consultation document, which sets out the background to the review and our consultation questions.

If you would like your comments to be included in the Academy for Healthcare’s One Voice response, please submit your comments to no later than Friday 7th December, 2018. 

The closing date for responses is Friday 4 January 2019.