Aims & Objectives

One Voice, Loud and Clear

Our constituency of many professions is no different to other professional groups, where the overarching characteristics are that:

  • One Voice is stronger than many voices.
  • One Voice is heard with clarity and resonance.
  • One clear message can be delivered when everyone shares it intention.
  • One Voice cuts across all our work as Healthcare Scientists.


  • To provide a forum for representatives of the HCS professional bodies in Healthcare Science to work together to identify issues of common interest/concern.
  • To agree where possible a shared position and circulate this widely.
  • To gree the areas and issues to focus one voice work on.
  • To guide the Academy on strategies for raising the profile of Healthcare Science.


  • To develop strong communication networks and professional dialogues across the professional bodies.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on emerging issues.
  • To provide collective input into consultations on issues that have relevance to most of the Healthcare Science workforce.
  • To provide a monitoring function for any funds provided by professional bodies.
  • To participate in horizon‐scanning and long‐range planning exercises to help identify emerging challenges and opportunities for the HCS professions and develop options for responding.