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About the Academy for Healthcare Science

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) brings together the UK’s diverse and specialised scientific community who work across the health and care system including; NHS Trusts, NHS Blood and Transplant, Public Health England, independent healthcare organisations, and the academic sector across the UK.

The Academy’s functions are to:

  • Provide a strong and coherent professional voice for the healthcare science workforce
  • Ensure the profession has a high profile sufficient to influence and inform a range of stakeholders on healthcare science and scientific services in the health and social care systems across the UK
  • Provide engagement and support for wider strategic scientific initiatives
  • Act as the overarching body for issues related to education, training and development in the UK health system and beyond including standards and quality assurance of education and training


The AHCS was established as a joint initiative of the UK Health Departments and the professional bodies. The AHCS has been commissioned to undertake and support key projects including:

  • Developing consistent regulation for the healthcare science workforce e.g. by establishing accredited voluntary registers where none exist.
  • Implementing a system to assess and confer ‘equivalence’ of the existing qualifications and experience individuals have, mapped to the outcomes of formalised quality assured training programmes.
  • Quality assuring education and training in partnership with other stakeholders.
  • Developing common standards for healthcare science practice.

Funding for the organisation will be drawn from fees charged for certification and equivalence assessments alongside continued project-based funding for specific initiatives such as; quality assuring education and training, and providing expert guidance on healthcare science issues.

How the Academy is governed

The operation of the Academy is overseen and informed by a number of committees and groups, with ultimate responsibility lying with the AHCS Board . These arrangements are set out in the AHCS Corporate Governance Framework and summarised in the diagram below:

AHCS Governance Structures

 If you have a concern about the Academy

We aim to operate in a fair, open and transparent way in all that we do and would wish to hear from you if you have a concern about something the Academy has done.

If you wish us to consider your concern as a formal complaint, please contact the Academy team with details of your complaint.

Any complaints recieved in this way, and any appeals, are dealt with in line with the Academy’s Complaints Policy. We aim to acknowledge a Complaint or Appeal in writing within 10 working days of receipt, and provide information about the next steps in the process.

Each Complaint or Appeal is assigned to a Case Officer who will be the point of contact for everybody involved in the case – complaint, registrant, witnessess and any other parties – and be responsible for the case until its conclusion. The case officer will help and support you through the process, providing information as it progresses. You will receive the direct contact details of the Case Officer to ensure that they can be contacted with questions. You will be notified if the Case Officer changes.

We aim to deal with each Complaint or Appeal within 6 months of receipt. However, in some cases it may take longer e.g. where there is a health or character issue that requires investigation.

Further information