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Situated Learning: A reflective model for medical education – live, interactive webinar

We are pleased to share with you the below event that may be of interest:


We are delighted to announce the second event in the AoME Insights series of webinars, workshops and panel discussions addressing topics of interest to our members and the wider medical and healthcare education community.




Situated Learning. A reflective model for medical education!

12 May 2022 16:00 – 18:00

Our panel comprises global experts on reflective practice Beverly Wenger-Trayner, Etienne Wenger-Trayner (wenger-trayner.com),  Professor Tim Dornan (Queens University, Belfast), Professor Andrew Grant (Emeritus Professor of Medical Education, Swansea University) and Julie Browne (Senior Lecturer in Academic Practice, Cardiff University).

This live, interactive webinar will discuss

  • Current perspectives on reflective practice in medical and healthcare education
  • The benefits and challenges of introducing reflective practice
  • An introduction to/revision of sociocultural learning theory
  • Communities of Practice (CoP) as a model for reflection on practice. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss applying the lens of CoP, knowledgeability and making a difference to their own communities of practice
  • Trainees’ perspectives on reflection; the effects of compulsory reflection and how to make reflection work!
  • Innovative approaches to reflection and the way forward for reflective practice

and will be appropriate to educators at all levels, enabling them to use Communities of Practice theory as a basis for interactive, reflective learning wherever they are helping students and trainees to learn through participation.

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