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FAQs for our HCS Leadership Journal

The Healthcare Science Leadership Journal


Q. What is unique about this journal?
A. This is the only journal focused on leadership in healthcare science. Conceived and published by the Academy for Healthcare Science, it provides a forum where those working in healthcare science can share and consolidate their own leadership experiences and learn from others.

Q. Who is the Journal aimed at?
A. The Journal aims to inform and inspire all those working in healthcare science and clinical research practice. It does this by sharing ideas and insights that are of value to healthcare scientists and clinical research practitioners as they take initiatives and lead others.

Q. What does the Journal publish?
A. Articles presenting leadership ideas and experiences relevant to healthcare science. Topics addressed to date include: learning from change, the benefits of early career mentoring, helpful resources, long term planning and personal journeys into leadership.

Q. Who can contribute?
A. Anyone working in or connected to healthcare science. Everyone has something they can share about leadership, including what has inspired and encouraged them.

Q. What is the journal trying to do?
A. To help every healthcare scientist become a more effective leader, wherever they work and whatever they do. Everyone’s leadership path is different and the Journal seeks to provide information and inspiration to help each person on their own journey.

Q. Can I submit an article?
A. Of course. It does not matter whether you are new to leadership or have years of experience. You simply need something relevant to share that will encourage and inspire others in healthcare science. It might be:
• Your experience leading a change project, and what worked (or didn’t)
• Ideas you have learned about leadership, and how you have used them
• What inspires and motivates you to take action
• Something you have personally found helpful and could share with others, perhaps a book you have read or a personal experience you have had

Q. I haven’t written about leadership issues before. Does that matter?
A. One of the Journal’s goals is to encourage individuals to explore and develop leadership skills. Authors from all career stages have written pieces for the Journal and articles from those writing from a leadership perspective for the first time are very welcome.

Q. I am interested in contributing to the Journal: what should I do?
A. Email the Academy at to express an interest and you will be contacted by the Editor to discuss your ideas.

Q. What are our plans for the future?
A. The Journal is looking at creative ways of developing and welcomes your ideas.

You can see previous issues and find out more about how to write for the Journal on the Academy for Healthcare Science website at: https://www.ahcs.ac.uk/news-events/events/hcs-leadership-journal/

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