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AHCS President’s HCS Week Reflection

Professor Brendan Cooper is the President of the AHCS and Chairs the Professional Bodies Council. He is a Consultant Clinical Scientist, Professor of Respiratory & Sleep Physiology,

UHB Physiology Theme Lead and UHB Respiratory Physiology Theme Lead. Learn more about Brendan’s work here.


“In an era where uncertainty, catastrophic change, international crisis and global challenges predominate, we need to remember with a calmness and certainty that our roles in healthcare science empower us take on the roles as guardians of quality healthcare scientific delivery.


Each patient you interact with, each measurement or intervention you deliver with kindness, quality science and impeccable professionalism does more to improve the world and counter the negativity than any amount of money or rhetoric can do.


In this UK Healthcare Science Week 2022, remember how brilliant you’ve been in the pandemic; how smart, how brave, how caring, how professional and how flexible to deliver what was needed at the right time in the right place, often at considerable personal expense. Please tell others what an amazing job you’ve done and continue to do. Remember that you are 1 of over 53,000 healthcare scientists serving a population of over 60 million people. Know you are very special!”


President Prof. Brendan Cooper

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