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Open consultation: deciding when statutory regulation is appropriate

Healthcare regulation: deciding when statutory regulation is appropriate

Under the Health and Care Bill, the government is seeking additional legislative powers to ensure that the regulation of health and social care professionals is proportionate and best protects the public from harm.  The Department of Health’s briefing notes “this consultation considers how the powers to introduce and remove professions from regulation might be used in the future. It seeks views on the criteria that should be considered in assessing which professions should be regulated. These criteria will form the basis of assessing whether professions should be brought into, or taken out of, statutory regulation”.


“This consultation is part of a broader programme of reform of the regulation of health and, in England, social care professionals. The government, on behalf of the 4 countries, has consulted on detailed proposals for reforming the legislation that underpins how the healthcare professional regulators operate in order to deliver better public protection through a simpler, more consistent and flexible system”.


The AHCS will submit its response but we would also encourage you to respond to the consultation.


The open consultation is UK-wide, further details are available here.


This consultation closes on 31 March 2022.

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