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Focus week: CRP Leadership Award

The Academy for Healthcare Science award for Clinical Research Practitioner Leadership

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) have an important role in the delivery of high quality clinical research. The continued development of career development, support and recognition of the role are all priorities as the CRP profession becomes an established part of the health and social care workforce.

The term CRP is an umbrella title for the family of roles in research delivery that have a patient/participant-facing element within clinical environments and other health and social care settings. These roles include Clinical Studies Officer, Research Practitioner, Clinical Trials Practitioner, Clinical Trials Officer, among others.

We are proud to have worked with NIHR to promote this workforce and develop a Directory and PSA accredited Register for the CRP profession.

Nominees must be on the CRP Directory or Register and can be for yourself or a colleague. To apply to join the Directory and Register, visit nihr.ahcs.ac.uk

Nominations for this award are welcome from individual CRPs who can demonstrate how they have supported the development of the CRP role. This could include, but is not limited to, educational initiatives and workforce innovation such as role redesign, promoting understanding of the role, the continuing professional development of CRPs and activities that enable the development of the CRP Community.

For criteria information and submission questions click here.

Entries must be submitted online, and close 11th January 2022 – https://ahawards.co.uk/uk-enter-now/


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