Would you like the opportunity to help design a new visual identity for healthcare science staff in NHS England?

75 places are available for five design workshops taking place in December 2021

Together in healthcare science we are:

  • developing Personalised Medicine;
  • driving self-management through technology;
  • enabling provision of diagnosis and treatment of patients;
  • maximising the use of digital innovation in improving patient care.

We deliver over 150 services, including specialist scientific, diagnostic or therapeutic services; we conduct over one billion tests and examinations every year; and we influence three out of every four clinical decisions made in the NHS.

The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer, in collaboration with the Academy of Healthcare Science, is developing a suite of branding resources to help healthcare science staff to self-identify across the system, with our colleagues, and with our patients.

Participants will be selected by a team of healthcare science representatives for the Chief Scientific Officer for England, Professor Dame Sue Hill, in collaboration