New Respiratory Surge in Children programme now available

Health Education England, supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement Paediatric Critical Care Operational Delivery Networks and the Paediatric Critical Care Society, has launched a new programme for all NHS healthcare staff who care for unwell children in preparation for the anticipated surge in respiratory infections in 2021-22.

The Respiratory Surge in Children programme is a digital repository of training resources for self-directed learning, as well as for trainers and educators, to support the cross-skilling of the workforce to increase capacity and enhance capability in response to the expected and experienced increase in prevalence of respiratory illnesses in children.

Launched in draft form earlier this year, the programme continues to develop with the aim of providing content that is appropriate for various settings where a child will present with respiratory illness, including home, primary and community care, and across the acute hospital environment.

The programme presents elearning as a mix of short videos, narrated presentations, PDFs and links to blogs and webinars – all designed to let the leaner access the content they need, in an educational form that suits them.

The Respiratory Surge in Children programme, which is hosted by HEE’s elearning for healthcare, is underpinned by an interprofessional skills matrix mapped to professional standards and frameworks. It is available free of charge to the health and care workforce.

The team continues to seek additional content, and feedback, on the work so far to co-create a programme that meets the needs of the workforce. You can get in touch to discuss specific needs, provide feedback, or share resources by emailing