The Antimicrobial Prescribing, Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (APRHAI) is recruiting for six new committee members

The Antimicrobial Prescribing, Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (APRHAI) is recruiting for six new committee members:

  • 2 x Lay members with an interest in social care/community healthcare and an understanding of the experiences, needs and issues important to patients, carers and the wider public.
  • 1 x IPC (Lead Nurse) with practical experience of multidrug resistant CPE and GNBSI
  • 1 x Statistician/modeller with an interest/understanding of AMR and GNBSI
  • 2 x Clinical Microbiologist

APRHAI is  a government advisory multidisciplinary expert committee which works closely across the four UK nations to provide practical and scientific advice to the government on tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and minimising the risk of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) in support of the UK 5-year action plan and 20 year vision for AMR. APRHAI membership is an exciting opportunity to utilise relevant expertise to contribute to an advisory committee, and actively contribute to policy making in the area, with crucial impact.

The committee holds three plenary meetings a year, and members may be asked to take part in subgroup activity alongside this. Members may represent the committee at external meetings and as part of consultation processes also, amongst other duties. A typical membership term lasts for three years, with reappointment offered for a further two terms – subject to satisfactory appraisal and approval by the sponsor department. For more information on APRHAI, please visit the APRHAI webpage.

Please follow this APRHAI members recruitment link, which contains further information about APRHAI, the advertised roles, selection criteria and the recruitment process more generally. As the application window for this recruitment is relatively short (closing Monday 13 September 2021) the committee would very much appreciate if ESPAUR members could take a look at the recruitment material for further detail on the advertised roles, and cascade amongst their personal/professional networks to organisations, societies or individuals that may be interested. Feel free to share on social media also, if you use this.

Please note that in order to maintain the Committee’s core function to impartially advise Government and make independent recommendations on the implementation of the UK AMR national action plan (NAP) 2019-2024, applications will not be accepted from employees of Public Health England/ UKHSA, NHS England and Improvement, and the equivalent bodies in the devolved administrations, where they are directly involved or responsible for the implementation of components of the UK AMR national action plan at a national level.