The National School of Healthcare Science share the draft of new core STP curricula

The National School of Healthcare Science is pleased to be able share the draft of their new core STP curricula. The content was developed by the core curriculum review group which included leading Clinical Scientists and senior figures from the NHS, industry and universities. The group was asked to answer the question “What key elements of practice should all Clinical Scientists be able to demonstrate on day one on the job?”

Now we need to hear from you as life scientists. Does the new content uphold the standards of practice expected from a Clinical Scientist in the NHS and will a trainee completing the STP have key skills which are valuable to you?

We appreciate how busy you are as NHS key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, but your feedback will inform the final curricula and help to shape the future of the Scientist Training Programme, so we are keen to continue progressing the review and we need your help. We are asking you to look at the curriculum and provide your feedback through a survey, this should take you around an hour.

We welcome feedback from anyone with an interest in training future healthcare scientists so please do share this information.

The deadline for providing feedback 5pm on Sunday 31st January.

Please click on the tabs in the modules to view the content and the link in the header to provide feedback.