Are you a Healthcare Science or Information Governance Lead?

The Institute of Medical Illustrators is holding a free webinar targeted at Healthcare Science and Information Governance Leads to offer expert advice from those around the UK whose sole responsibility is it to control and protect patient clinical photographic images. If this is a constant worry for your organisation, then this webinar is for you.

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COVID-19 has seen a massive spike in the use of DIY photography as the number of professional clinical photographers may be reduced alongside other NHS personnel, and the need for photographic evidence continues to increase beyond all measure.

It is all too easy to whip out a mobile phone, when even the Government declared that in a major incident this is permissible. As a result of this pandemic Trust’s across the Country may be trying to manage silos of sensitive clinical data that they have not concerned themselves with previously.

The Webinar will be hosted by the Academy for Healthcare Science, chaired by the Chairman of the Institute of Medical Illustrators, and will bring together a panel of service leads from England, Scotland and Ireland.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation – questions to be submitted in advance: see details above.

Speaker Profiles

Jane Tovey – Chairman, Institute of Medical Illustrators & Medical Illustration Services Manager, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Carol Fleming – Secretary of the Institute of Medical Illustrators & retired Medical Illustration Services Manager, Bradford NHS Trust and leader of the working party on the Registration of Clinical Photographers

Kathy McFall – Education Lead, Institute of Medical Illustrators & Medical Illustration Services Manager, GG&C Health Board

Anthony EdwardsIMI Regional Representative for Ireland, Senior Photographer/ Services Manager, Dublin NHS Trust and Senior Clinical Photographer, St James’s Hospital, Dublin