HCPC survey – FTP rule amendments


HCPC is seeking the views of stakeholders on proposed changes to the Rules that underpin their fitness to practise processes and procedures.

The current pandemic has meant HCPC have had to adapt some aspects of their fitness to practise and registration appeals processes and procedures, particularly those which had previously been dependent on staff, parties to a case or other stakeholders having a physical presence in offices or hearings centres. The aim in making any changes is to ensure that HCPC are able to continue to fulfil their statutory duty to protect the public, progress fitness to practise investigations and conclude hearings as efficiently and safely as possible. It also recognises that we continue to operate against a background of uncertainty.

In the proposed changes to the Rules we are seeking to formalise adaptations to the fitness to practise and registration appeals processes and procedures that have been operating during the pandemic.

Please complete a short survey (this should take 5 minutes to complete) so your views can be taken into account. You can find a link to the survey below:


Should you have any queries about this survey, please email HPCP’s consultation mailbox at consultation@hcpc-uk.org