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HCPC Temporary Register

The Healthcare and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has established a temporary register of health and care professionals to support the public health response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Final year STP trainees on National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) accredited programmes, trainees on NHS for Education Scotland (NES) recognised clinical scientist training programmes, and AHCS STP Equivalence applicants who have met the requirements set out by AHCS will automatically be entered onto the temporary register and able to practice as a registered professional.

The requirements are being put in place to assure the Academy, as the HCPC approved provider, that those trainees and STP Equivalence applicants have completed the work-based learning for clinical practice in the current context required to fulfil HCPC’s requirements to enter the temporary register.

For final year STP trainees, NSHCS is managing the process to enable entry to the temporary register; trainees will be provided with details and guidance. The NSHCS will also continue to add updates and FAQs to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page on the NSHCS website: https://nshcs.hee.nhs.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-information/

For final year trainees on NES recognised clinical scientist training programmes, NES is managing the process to enable entry to the temporary register and will be in touch with trainees and supervisors to discuss the process.

For STP Equivalence applicants, the Academy will be in contact with individual applicants to confirm eligibility and provide additional information.

In all instances, the details of those who meet the criteria will be forwarded to the HCPC to enable automatic entry on to the temporary register.

For more detailed information about the temporary student register please visit:

HCPC HCPC Advice for students.

National School of Healthcare Science: NSHCS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Academy for Healthcare Science: AHCS Equivalence Guidance

Calling all Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists formerly registered with HCPC

HCPC will be contacting former Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists, who have de-registered within the last three years, to inform them that their names will be added to the COVID-19 temporary register.

If your name is on this list, and you would like to offer to support your profession in the COVID-19 pandemic, you do not need to do anything further with HCPC in order to practice.

Further details and FAQs can be found at: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/covid-19/advice/advice-for-temporary-registrants/

The temporary register can be downloaded at: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/covid-19/temporary-register/

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