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The Learning Hub – what will it look like?

The Learning Hub will be a powerful new digital platform that will provide easy access to a wide range of education and training resources for the health and care workforce. It is being developed by Health Education England’s (HEE) national Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Programme.

The Learning Hub’s Service team is making significant progress on the technical requirements for the platform’s functionality for the Beta launch, early in 2020.

The landing page design has been updated to now include a:

  • header, including the banner
  • news panel
  • registration and login area
  • NHS site page
  • About us page
  • Contact us page.

Designs of other pages have been revised based on user journey analysis which include:

  • Design of the sign in process – the development of a sign in form on the landing page
  • Design of the registration process.

The “Contribute a resource” area has now been designed.  This will allow users to upload and manage their own resources.  This includes a screen that displays the resources a user has previously uploaded and a resource’s status eg draft, published etc.  These designs will also demonstrate how a user uploads a resource using a step by step form.

Work has also been completed to enable users to input their existing e-LfH Hub username and password to login to the Learning Hub.

Much of the current development work of the Learning Hub is “behind the scenes” and therefore it isn’t possible to share as there are no visuals to support it.  However, without that work the Learning Hub just won’t operate, so the pieces of work the team is doing are absolutely crucial.

We can, however, share with you some of the screen designs referred to above.  Please visit the resources section on the TEL blog to view the:

  • Landing page*
  • Dashboard*.

For more information about the Learning Hub follow us on Twitter: @HEE_TEL, email: tel@hee.nhs.uk, visit: telblog.hee.nhs.uk to read blogs about our journey so far or visit: www.hee.nhs.uk/tel.

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