HCPC Sanctions Policy

HCPC has revised its Indicative Sanctions Policy, now titled the Sanctions Policy.

The new version comes into operation today, the 15 July 2019, and will apply to all hearings starting from today onwards. For hearings that started before today which have not yet concluded, both policies may be referred to by Panels.

The revision follows a full review of the policy, including market research and a public consultation. Taking into account feedback from stakeholders, there are some key differences to the earlier version:

  • a greater emphasis on equality and diversity;
  • a more detailed approach to proportionality;
  • new sections on aggravating and mitigating factors to support decision-making;
  • a new section outlining types of cases which should be considered particularly serious, and may therefore require a more serious sanction; and
  • restructuring the sanctions section, including information on review hearings.

You can find the revised policy on the HCPC website.