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It’s great to enter the Christmas period with the new Life Science Industry (LSI) Accredited Credentialing register in such a good place. After several years in formation, 2018 was the breakthrough point with LSI gaining accreditation from the Professional Standards Authority and taking on its first registrants, and possibly hitting 1000 registrants by year end.

I know many people in the life science sector have been exasperated by the need to enrol in multiple credentialing schemes for multiple Trusts and see it as a barrier to doing their job of supporting healthcare professionals and patients.

We see the Life Science Industry Accredited Credentialing register as something different, something that industry can put its support behind. By focusing on partnership working we have common values with our registrants. By focusing on meaningful standards, co-produced with the NHS, we can build trust in our industry. By operating on a not-for-profit basis, we can put people before revenues and by having patient safety at the heart of everything, we are doing the right thing for the system.

We will enter the New Year full of hope but realising that, as all of you will surely know, driving adoption in the NHS is a back breaking task. But with your support and the co-operation of all our partners we know we are in the best possible position to deliver a system that meets industries needs.

Lastly, as chair of the LSI Registration Council, it would be remiss of me not to thank the many people who have helped get us to this point…a truly collaborative effort across industry sectors, strong leadership from Sue Hill and her team in NHS England, the support from AHSNs in publicising and of course the Academy for Healthcare Science for skilfully guiding the register through its approval process with PSA.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Andrew Davies,

LSI Registration Council Chair

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