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Press Release: Institute of Decontamination Sciences Directory

The Academy for Healthcare Science and the Institute of Decontamination Sciences have been working together and are delighted to announce that a directory for individuals who have attained an Institute of Decontamination Sciences Technical Certificate will open on 1st December, 2017.

The Professional Standards Authority noted in its Rethinking Regulation paper that a ‘right-touch regulation’ approach was needed, and that the “structures of regulation should provide different approaches for different levels of risk as they arise in the practice of different professions and occupations”. A directory is one such structure for professions that are at an early stage of their journey towards applying for accredited registration. Our directory sits within the Academy’s regulatory framework and shares the administrative functions and oversight. It enables work to continue with the professional group and to facilitate engagement with those on the Directory.

Trevor Garcia, the Director of Education for the Institute, said “it is an exciting time for Decontamination personnel as we are now incorporated into the Life Science workforce. The educational pathway has been developed under the Modernising Scientific Career process and the development of a Directory we see as a first step for our members”.

Janet Monkman, Chief Executive and Registrar for the Academy, said “The Academy is delighted to have been able to welcome such an enthusiastic group as its first group onto a directory and we look forward to welcoming new cohorts of Technical Certificate holders in the future”.

From 1st December, you can access the Decontamination Scientist directory here. If you have gained an IDSc Technical Certificate but are unable to find your name on the Decontamination Scientist directory, please contact Trevor Garcia directly via the Institute’s website.

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