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Postgraduate Scientist Training: Commissioning, CPD and Monitoring

NHS Education for Scotland invites healthcare science postgraduate scientist trainees and supervisors to the sixth national conference in Edinburgh. The route to becoming a postgraduate scientist is diverse, but there are generic characteristics essential to training. Among the factors influencing completion, successful outcomes depend on: a clear plan, a strong network of support and timely monitoring of progression. Engagement with peers and sight of role models are also critical. Networking and developing “softer” skills are equally important and sometimes overlooked in the process of becoming a scientist. Our event is an opportunity to learn how all these elements are being addressed and NES’s overarching role in monitoring the state of postgraduate training across Scotland. The workshops will explore issues relating to training progression, ongoing scientific practise after training and what we have done to support trainees in their early career phase.

A national event is an opportunity to showcase your poster work as a trainee and build a repertoire of poster submissions… all good for the CV.

Regardless of identity, specialty or destination, the event is an opportunity to hear about the ongoing development of Scotland’s healthcare science postgraduate community and to contribute to it. Read more here

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