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Select Committee Consultation on Brexit

The House of Commons Select Committee at Westminster has asked RCPath for their views on the regulatory arrangements needed to guarantee safe and effective supply of medicines, medical devices and products post-Brexit.

Closes 23rd October 2017

RCPath believe there is a need for patients, the NHS and the UK’s life science industry to have certainty about what the UK’s regulatory arrangements will be after Brexit and a smooth transition towards them. There are also major implications for the future of medical research and development.

The timeline is short but RCPath believe it is important that the voice of our profession is heard on these crucial issues.

Please forward any comments to registrar@rcpath.org, using the prompts below, by Monday 23rd October to ensure that they are included in RCPath’s response to the Health Select Committee:

  • What are the key considerations that arise for companies, healthcare services and regulatory bodies in the UK as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU? Focussing on patients and the public, what needs to be done to ensure that any adverse impact is minimised or eliminated, and that opportunities to enhance services are maximised?
  • Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, what alternative arrangements for the regulation of medicines, medical devices, medical products and substances of human origin could be introduced? What are the respective opportunities, risks and trade-offs involved?
  • How much time is needed to facilitate a smooth transition to new arrangements? Is it possible, or desirable, to move directly to new arrangements post-29 March 2019, or are transitional arrangements needed?
  • How will withdrawal from the European Union affect the UK’s ability to influence international standards in life sciences?
  • What arrangements are needed to ensure the safe, effective and timely supply of medical radioisotopes over the short, medium and long-term?
  • What are the implications for medical research and development, including for the timely patient access to new medicines, technologies and other relevant medical innovations developed within or outside the UK? How can any adverse consequences be avoided or mitigated and any potential opportunities be enhanced?
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