Shelford Consultation response to the Science & Technology Select Committee's enquiry on EU Regulation

UnknownLetter from Dr Keith Ison
Head of Medical Physics
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust


Thank you for your contributions on behalf of the Shelford Group to the Select Committee consultation on the effects of EU regulation on the UK Life Sciences.

The Group were asked at short notice to provide a witness to the enquiry at a panel that was held on Tuesday afternoon. The Chair of the Execs Group and the Chair of the Medical Directors Group decided jointly that a scientist would be the best person to provide representation on behalf of Shelford, and the three of us coordinating the consultation response were asked at very short notice to come up with a scientist. We managed to get two witness places at the hearing, with Berne and I representing the Shelford Group at the Select Committe alongside the EU Affairs manager of the Wellcome Trust. A transcript of the hearing will be available just after Easter and there is a film record of the complete afternoon’s three panels can be found here.

There was general agreement between the witnesses at the three different panels, the other two being an industry-focused panel and an academic one. In the hearing Berne and I tried to get across core messages that included the need for scientists and engineers to be involved in regulation and in providing advice and for scientific evidence to be heard throughout the EU political process. We made it clear that the Shelford Group is more than willing to engage in broader horizon scanning and future forecasting.

This was the first time the Shelford Group has been represented at a Select Committee and so it has raised the profile and potential contribution of scientists significantly amongst our senior colleagues.