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Applications sought for HSST Equivalence early implementers programme

Become one of the first Clinical Scientists to gain entry to the Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSSR) by applying now for the first wave of the Higher Specialist Scientist equivalence process. Completed applications must be returned to the AHCS by 6 Sep 2015



The Modernising Scientific Careers 5-year Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) was launched in 2014/15 and the first Clinical Scientists in HSST have commenced training. Curricula for 22 HSST programmes are available for 2015/16.

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) will hold the Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSSR) and once admitted to the HSSR, Clinical Scientists supporting applications Consultant Clinical Scientist posts.


Eligibility for the HSSR

Eligibility to apply for entry on to the AHCS HSSR will be open to:

(i) Clinical Scientists who hold a Certificate of Completion of HSST (CCHSST) issued by the National School of Healthcare Science
(ii) Clinical Scientists holding a Certificate of Equivalence (CoE).

The CoE is an award granted to an individual by the AHCS upon successful completion of an assessment process against the outcomes of the MSC HSST Programme. The CoE, similar to the CCHSST, also confers eligibility to apply for entry on to the AHCS HSSR.

The AHCS has begun the work needed to open the HSSR and has recently published the Standards of Proficiency for Higher Specialist Scientists (see https://www.ahcs.ac.uk/the-register/register-standards/). The AHCS has also submitted an application to the Professional Standards Authority to extend its accredited register to add Higher Specialist Scientists (HSS), specifically those working at consultant level.


HSSR Early Implementer Programme

The process underpinning the award of the Certificate of Equivalence is being tested in an Early Implementer Programme which will see a small number of experienced clinical scientists being assessed against the HSST Standards of Proficiency by two trained assessors (one professional and one lay). This small programme will be looking to recruit 15 – 20 clinical scientists in total across, Life Sciences; Physical Sciences and Physiological Sciences. Those applicants who are unsuccessful will be given the opportunity to join a waiting list and have their application taken forward when full implementation takes places, expected to be Spring 2016.

The AHCS is accepting applications from registered Clinical Scientists who:

  • have been working at a very senior level in a health and / or scientific setting for at least five years and:
  • wish to apply for equivalence in Life Sciences in the specialisms of Clinical Biochemistry; Genetics or Haematology.
  • wish to apply for equivalence in Physical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering in Medical Physics or Clinical Engineering;
  • wish to apply for equivalence in Physiological Sciences.

An Applicants Guide for the Early Implementers Programme has been developed setting out the application process, information required for the portfolio and examples of the sorts of evidence required.

The application fee for those accepted onto this Early Implementers Programme is £480.  This also includes the cost for the first year of registration.


Register now for the Early Implementers Programme

To register to join the Early Implementers Programme please send an email  by Sunday 6 September 2015 providing:

  • your name;
  • contact phone number;
  • the HSST specialism you wish to apply for equivalence against;
  • your HCPC Clinical Scientist registration number;
  • confirmation that you have been working at a very senior level in a health and / or scientific setting for at least five years;
  • confirmation that you would be willing to train to be a professional assessor for the Higher Specialist Scientist Equivalence process;
  • confirmation that they will submit their Stage 1 application by the 18th October 2015..



Applicants accepted for the early implementers programme will be notified by email. Those that we are unable to accept for this small programme will be contacted and given the opportunity to join the HSSR Equivalence waiting list.

Successful applicants will be invited to provide feedback with respect to the equivalence process to inform full roll out of the programme in Spring 2016.


The Academy is looking to recruit up to five applicants in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Physiological Sciences and those meeting the inclusion criteria will be accepted in date order therefore early application is advised.




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