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Participate in the Cardiac Physiology Workforce Survey

British Cardiovascular Society SCST

NHS England has commissioned a Review of this specialist service to inform its future commissioning plans for cardiac care.

The Review will take into account: the move to provide services over 7 days, and in primary and community care; and the potential impact of introducing new screening and diagnostic technologies and therapeutics. It will also inform the training numbers and policies to develop the workforce.

This important Review is being conducted under the ægis of the British Cardiovascular Society and the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology. As part of this Review, we need to understand the views of the workforce. This is specialised work and it needs to be confidential so the Review has asked research colleagues at King’s College, London University, to conduct this work on its behalf. The research team is led by Professor David Guest, a top expert in this field, and they have developed a questionnaire survey for you to complete. Please see attached. It takes about 15 minutes.

This survey is confidential and the results will only be used in an aggregated form. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the research manager: Dr. Pat Oakley on . It has been given ethical approval by the appropriate King’s College Ethics Committee and an Information Sheet is included on the following page.

Thank you for your support in this work which will help policy-makers design and develop better services for patients.

Download an overview of the survey by Dr Pat Oakley from our website here. This document also includes a direct link to the survey.

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