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AHCS response to NHS England Five Year Forward View

AHCS Chief Executive Janet Monkman has responded to the NHS England Five Year Forward View, which sets out the future plans and strategy for the NHS in England

Janet Monkman


The much publicised “Five Year Forward View” of the NHS produced by NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens, is welcomed.

Mr Stevens sets out an interesting plan for achieving the far-reaching change that is required to enable the NHS to continue to exist on its founding principle of universal healthcare regardless of the ability to pay, and continue to deliver high quality healthcare for all.

It is a shared view and represents a consensus for a better NHS, not a restricted one. It is ambitious, yet achievable and its achievability is reliant – at least in part – on the continued brilliance of Healthcare Scientists.

The Forward View and the actions it demands recognise the need for major change on four fronts:

  • public health and prevention;
  • patient choice and control of their treatments;
  • breaking down barriers between family doctors and hospitals, health and social care, physical and mental health
  • embracing new technologies and innovations.

Excitingly, Mr Stevens says “the NHS will become one of the best places in the world to test innovations.” He clearly recognises the value of Healthcare Science to the sustainability of the NHS and specifically mentions genomics, streamlining Randomised Controlled Trials, accelerating adoption of cost-effective innovation and operational pilots for new devices and equipment.

I find it gratifying that in the current extremely difficult financial climate for the NHS,
that Healthcare Science is recognised by NHS leaders as not only a key part of the quality solution, but through the efficiencies that are the by-products of innovation, part of the financial solution as well.

To read the Forward View visit www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/futurenhs


Download this response as a pdf (50kb)

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