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HCPC gives continuing approval to current and new STP programmes

The Academy for Healthcare Science has received ongoing approval as Education Provider for the Scientist Training Programme, meaning that trainees successfully completing accredited STP courses or equivalence through the Academy are eligible to apply for registration at Clinical Scientists with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

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 The Academy has now formally received ongoing HCPC approval for both the STP Certificate of Attainment and the STP Certificate of Equivalence.  In particular, this includes approval for the following new STP programmes:

  •             Critical Care Science
  •             Clinical Pharmaceutical Science
  •             Reconstructive Science

The timing of the approval means that the 2014 intake to these new STP programmes will be able to follow the Certificate of Attainment programme.


Clinical Bioinformatics

The Clinical Bioinformatics STP programme is currently being considered by HCPC but has not yet received approval. This means that for trainees following this STP programme there is currently no route to statutory regulation as a Clinical Scientist. The likelihood is that current trainees will have to follow an equivalence process at the end of their training in order to gain eligibility to apply for registration.

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