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300+ London teens discover Healthcare Science in 'Reach Out' initiative

300 Year 10 Students are discovering the attractions and potential of Healthcare Science in a London-wide initiative to provide hands-on experience starting today (Monday 23 Jun 2014)

Students discover Healthcare Science

The Year 10 students (14&15 year-olds) are being given a unique opportunity to experience the science behind care in the NHS thanks to Reach Out for Healthcare Science, a collaborative project between the NHS and Imperial College London, Kings College London and University College London.

This projects aims to increase students’ awareness of the more than 50 different career opportunities in Healthcare Science which include everything from medical illustration to sleep physiologists.  Healthcare Science is not often highlighted as a career option for school students. Reach out for Healthcare Science is a first step in putting this right.

Over five consecutive days, students will:

  • Experience life in a busy London hospital
  • Meet Healthcare Scientists and receive mentoring from them
  • Rotate through activities showcasing different areas of Healthcare Science
  • Participate in career guidance sessions on Healthcare Science and science communication
  • Be introduced to life and study in a University environment
  • Acquire knowledge of NHS study and career pathways
  • Put together presentations to tell other students and their mums and dads about their experiences

The course aims to:

  • Excite students about science and its applications in healthcare
  • Raise students’ awareness of the diverse range of career opportunities in Healthcare Science
  • Increase students’ awareness and knowledge of the importance of science communication
  • Raise student aspirations of careers within the NHS and encourage those from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to university

This programme is fully funded by Health Education England, administered by Health Education North Central and East London and project managed by Exscitec, a provider of STEM outreach activities for students of all ages.

Read more about the intitiative in the Reach Out for Healthcare Science flyer

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