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UK Healthcare Scientist honoured at World Congress of Audiology

Professor Adrian Davis OBE has been awarded the Aram Glorig prize at the  22nd World Congress of Audiology in Brisbane, Australia in May 2014, for his lifetime contribution to public health research concerning hearing and communication


Adrian Davis recieving Aram Glorig prize

The Aram Glorig prize is awarded every two years at the World Congress of Audiology to honour pioneers in the field of Audiology.

Presenting the prize, Professor Robert Cowan, President of the International Society of Audiology,said:

“Professor Davis has led the way in defining the descriptive epidemiology of hearing and communication in the world. He has worked on the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) both highlighting the issues of hearing and communication and the major gains in health that can be gained by developing policy based on the GBD.

“As well as his research and policy development, Professor Davis has implemented and evaluated national screening services and health services. He makes an articulate case for better systematic data on hearing loss and communication and to estimate more effectively the costs of hearing loss and the economic benefits of interventions to prevent hearing loss and reduce its impact.”

Accepting the prize, Prof Davis said:

“Hearing and communication problems impact almost every part of our lives from development, education, employment, welfare, transport, leisure, defence and healthy aging. Over the next 20 years there will be a steady decline in premature mortality in most countries and a major increase in life expectancy.  The DALYS burden will shift even more from mortality to morbidity, with the inevitable huge costs in managing many more people with morbidity and increasingly multi – morbidity. Countries such as Australia and the UK will triple the number of people over 75 with hearing loss by 2034!

“Preliminary analysis for the Global Burden of Disease 2013 is showing the even greater contribution that hearing loss has on the burden of disease.

“To minimise the impact this huge increase will create, we need to create the best strategy for research, translation and implementation to inform policy makers, clinicians and populations about the crucial role of prevention and management of long term conditions such as hearing and communication problems in creating added happy years to life.

“Our goal is to enable people worldwide to live longer and better lives by developing, using and maintaining their communication potential irrespective of their hearing function. This will require health professionals to work more effectively across traditional boundaries to provide resilient population health supported by effective hearing and communication”

Read the Oration that Prof Davis gave to the World Congress of Audiology as part of receiving the prize.


About Prof Adrian Davis OBE

Professor Adrian Davis is Deputy Director: Population Health Science at Public Health England. He is also the lead advisor to the Chief Scientific Advisor at NHS England  for Audiology and gives strategic advice to the National Screening Programmes.

He has been Director of the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP) and the Newborn and Infant Physical Examination Screening Programme (NIPE) for the Department of Health for whom he was also lead advisor for physiological diagnostics and audiology. Adrian led the transformation and evaluation of NHS services across a variety of settings, including inspiring the creation of quality standards for services in England and Scotland.

He has a major interest in innovation and how the healthcare workforce can better use knowledge, information and technologies to transform and improve service quality and patient experience. He worked as a lead scientist with the UK Medical Research Council and has received a DH lifetime achievement award for his research and scientific contribution to healthcare in the NHS. In 2007 he was awarded the OBE for his work in improving healthcare in the UK.

He has published 250+ articles, chapters and books about his research and associated service development. He is a leading member of the International Society of Audiology, immediate past Chair of the International Journal of Audiology, past Chair of the British Society of Audiology and member of the British Academy of Audiology. He is also co lead of the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN) on humans.

His current interests are in the Global Burden of Disease, working at Public Health England. He is especially interested in population health research and how population hearing health impacts on community engagement and people’s wellbeing. Professor Davis has an honorary chair at University College London in Hearing and Communication.

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