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All Healthcare Scientists regulated by law required to have indemnity insurance – Government

The Government has announced that all Healthcare Scientists regulated by law (ie Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists) will be required to have indemnity insurance by the Summer.



The announcement came as the UK Government published its response to a consultation on the Health Care and Associated Professions (Indemnity Order) on 2 May 2014, on behalf of the four health departments of the UK.

The new legislation is expected to come into force in July 2014, subject to formal ratification by the Westminster Parliament and the Scottish Parliament. Read the current draft of the legislation. In most cases Healthcare Scientists will get their indemnity insurance through their relevant professional body.

In taking forward the legislation, the Government said:

“The purpose of the proposed provisions is to ensure that all individuals who suffer at the hands  of a negligent registered health professional are able to obtain compensation and it is right that the healthcare professional treating those individuals should take responsibility for ensuring appropriate arrangements are in place. The Order will also implement part of the EU Directive on cross-border healthcare that the UK Government is required to transpose and therefore further commits us to taking forward this legislation.

“After careful consideration of the responses the Department of Health is of the view that as the vast  majority of regulated healthcare professionals are in receipt of cover by virtue of their employer’s liability, or via a professional body which offers an indemnity arrangement as a benefit of membership the benefits brought about by the new legislation outweigh any negative impact that might arise from the proposals.”


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