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AHCS update on Regulation – August 2013

Effective and appropriate risk-based regulation of the whole Healthcare Science (HCS) workforce remains the Academy’s ambition for patient and public protection, including the introduction of statutory regulation for some groups who are not currently regulated by law.

The Academy is focusing its efforts on achieving Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accreditation of its practitioner register as the best way to improve patient and public protection where Statutory Regulation is not an option. The PSA accreditation process has been developed so that the public, employers, commissioners, purchasers and planners can select healthcare workers who are on an independently assessed and quality assured register.

Furthermore, the Academy believes the Healthcare Science community must now unite to develop a rationalised regulatory landscape for Healthcare Science, which has the protection of patients and the public as its overriding purpose and motivation. The current landscape is fragmented and difficult to understand for all concerned. The Academy is working to develop partnerships with existing current registration bodies to provide better clarity for those who need Healthcare Science services.

The Academy will continue to raise the profile of Healthcare Science and its workforce, by educating and informing the public and other stakeholders of the contribution of Healthcare Science to people’s health and wellbeing, and of the need for all members of the HCS workforce to be regulated effectively.


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