Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice sets out the principles, values and the standards of behaviour and practise for the Healthcare Science workforce. These standards and values must be achieved and maintained in the delivery of work activities, the provision of care and personal conduct.

As its benchmark, Good Scientific Practice uses the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Proficiency and Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, and then expresses these within the context of the specialities within Healthcare Science This recognises that three sections of the workforce, Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Scientists and Hearing Aid Dispensers are regulated by the HCPC.

Good Scientific Practice represents standards and values that apply throughout an individual’s career in Healthcare Science at any level of practise. The standards will be contextualised by the role within Healthcare Science that an individual undertakes. This means that the standards must be interpreted based on the role that an individual performs. For example,
in supervised roles where individuals work within defined procedures, rather than autonomously, some standards will need to be interpreted appropriately for the context of the specific role. There will, however, always be a requirement for an individual to work within the limits of their scope of practise and competence.

Download Good Scientific Practice (pdf, 600kb – version1, Dec 2012)