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If someone raises a concern about you

Information for Registrants as to how the Academy deals with complaints about  them


About Fitness to Practise concerns

This page sets out what happens if we receive a concern about the practise of a Registrant that questions their fitness to practise, how we investigate cases and how we make decisions following investigation.

Assessing fitness to practise

You may find it valuable to make yourself familiar the information for people raising concerns.  which sets out how we accept concerns, how we define and assess Fitness to Practise and the kind of case that we take forward.

We will take account of our published Standards of Proficiency and Good Scientific Practice when we consider Fitness to Practise cases. We will send you copies of these standards when we write to tell you about the allegation made.

What can you expect from the Academy?

If a fitness to practise allegation is made about you, you can expect us to treat you fairly and to explain what will happen at each step of the process – this is set out in the Academy’s Complaints Policy. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of our investigation and we will give you the contact details of a case officer who you can contact if you have any questions.

The Academy Case Officer will gather any relevant information required. They will act as contact for everyone involved in the case and can explain how the process works and what the panel will consider when making a decision.  The Case Officer cannot provide advice on what you should include in your responses or how you should represent yourself. You may want to get advice from your Union (if you are a member), your professional body (if you have one) or through the Citizens Advice service. You can also seek advice from a solicitor.