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Congress Abstracts 2014

The following studies were presented at the 2014 AHCS Congresss. Each title links through to the full abstract and co-authors are listed where relevant.

Ben Adams
Amanda Robson, Robert Wynn, Eleni Tholouli, Susan Martin, Kay Poulton
Identification of HLA-specific antibodies in patients receiving HLA-mismatched haemopoietic progenitor cell transplantation: a single centre experience

Waheed Akhtar
The feasibility and reproducibility of Speckle Tracking Echocardiography technologies in normal routine scanning in the assessment of Deformation of Myocardial Mechanics to accurately assess the longitudinal function of the human heart

Emmanuel Akinluyi
K Ison ; P J Clarkson
Value based Predictive Analytics & Optimisation in Scheduled Maintenance Prioritisation

Darren Ames
How much research do routine UK laboratories support and to what Quality Standards do they work?

Paul Bacon
J. Ray, M.P.J.Yardley, N. Sivaji, H.L. Morewood, L. Willers and C. Codina
Early experiences of using Wii-habilitation for patients with dizziness and balance disorders

Paul Bacon
M.P.J. Yardley, J. Ray, S. Dasgupta and C. Bowes
Understanding the new video head impulse test for assessing vestibular function initial experiences

Lynsey Bayer
Lorna Crawford, Kerry Tinkler and Robert Farley
Mapping Scottish Healthcare Science training against STP and PTP learning outcomes

Paula Bolton-Maggs
Debbi Poles, Alison Watt, on behalf of the SHOT steering group
The UK National Haemovigilance Scheme. 17 years data show human factors are the most common cause of adverse incidents

Cathal Breen
Raymond Bond, Dewr Finlay
An evaluation of eye tracking technology in the assessment of 12 lead electrocardiography interpretation ; Seeing is interpreting

Siobhan Brennan
Mandeep Dubb
Determining the Effectiveness of Current Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Protocol When Testing Hearing of Adults With A Learning Disability

Lisa Chapman
Identifying undetected language difficulties in children and young people with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD), within a special school setting.

Damian Chick
Alys Potter, Dr Richard Scott
Developing Learning Organisations via Healthcare Science and Patient Engagement

Harriet Crook
Erica Bradley, Bill Wells, Guy Brown, Amy Beeston, Emina Kurtic
Rehabilitative Software to Improve Participation in Multi-Speaker Talk for Cochlear Implant Users

Megan Dale
Bill Cox-Martin, Susan Peirce, Grace Carolan-Rees
Cost effective non-surgical treatment of chronic pressure ulcers

Danielle V Dobson
Louise K Miller, Simon A Kimber, Barbara De la Salle, Valerie Edwards Jones, Susan C Powell, Keith Hyde, Carol Ainley, William S Gilmore On-site pathology testing in primary care: current positioning of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in the UK – A questionnaire survey

Sian Ellard
Elisa De-Franco, Sarah Flanagan, Jayne Houghton, Hana Lango-Allen, Deborah Mackay, Karen Temple and Andrew Hattersley
Genomic testing leads clinical care in neonatal diabetes: a new paradigm
Robert Farley
Promoting shared attributes for NHS Scotland postgraduate-level scientist trainees using a Common Core List (CCL)

Adam R Gerrard
Mary Anne Preece
Dried bloodspot measurement of total homocysteine to enable home collection of blood samples for monitoring of patients with homocystinuria

Katrin Gilbert
W MacDonald, AJ Hogarth, NT Lewis, MH Tayebjee, LB Tan
Cardiac and Physical Functional Gains Following Successfull Direct Current Cardioversion (DCCV) of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation (AF) to Sinus Rhythm (SR)

Ashfaq Gilkar
Richard Fink
The Effect of On-Line POCT on Patient waiting times in an Accident and Emergency Department

Simon Greenwood
Analysis of TCD data collected from 943 children with sickle cell at Kings College Hospital since 2008 to determine the incidence of abnormal blood flow.

Sharran Grey
The Long-term Impact of Transfusion Indication Code Implementation: A Nine Year Review

Rosalind Harrison
Education and training of ophthalmic support staff

James Hawley
Laura Owen, Annie Armston, Heather Wilshaw, Carrie Chadwick, Phillip Monaghan, Brian Keevil
Serum Cortisol: What is your laboratory measuring?

Deborah James
Paul Wright
HTA Best Practice – Obtaining a Valid Consent

Steven Jervis
Tiffany Daniels, Alison Logan, Karen Wood, Helena Lee, Robert Wynn, Kay Poulton
Case Report: Haemopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation of Monozygotic Twins diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I from the same Cord Blood Unit

Julie Kane
Susan Martin and Kay Poulton
The Changing Face of Accreditation: A Personal Perspective

Samantha Kean
C. Leary, S.D. Maguiness
The reduction in damaging lifestyle choices of men attending for fertility investigations prior to IVF treatment

Katharine Kenny
Aida Hallam
Blood Dosimetry for Radioiodine Thyroid Ablation

Kathryn Littler Adamson
Transformational Leadership using A3 thinking

Lesley McMahon
D Graham, C Black, N Andrew, C Maliszewska, D Baty, N Pratt, A Page, W Stewart, L Bowman, J Lang & P Chien
Genotyping in the diagnosis of hydatidiform moles

Belma Maden
K. Ramdoo, T. Tatla, A.Singh
Development of Community-Based Hearing Loss Screening in the Elderly – A Multidisciplinary approach

Hema Mistry
Alison Watt, Dr Peter Baker, Dr Paula HB Bolton-Maggs
Selecting the correct sample is vital as the wrong one can result in ABO incompatible transfusion

Nicola Monks
J. Bell, J. Blower, R. Cutting, S. Harbottle, J. Kasraie, V. Shaikly, B. Woodward
IVF service delivery: Work force innovation utilising the Modernising Scientific Careers toolkit

Victoria Robertson
Abel A, Lockhart S, Ross E, Robinson N, Wilkie G, Vickers M, Turner ML & Turner DM
Allocation of Epstein-Barr Virus-specific cytotoxic T-cells – the role of HLA and HLA antibodies

Mehdi Saberi
Rui. Pirraco
Efficient Patient Specific Quality Assurance for Stereotactic Brain Radiotherapy Treatment using Varian DynaLog File Based Analysis

Stuart Sandey
An audit into explanted battery longevity at a tertiary centre with a focus on reutilisation.

Tracey Smith-Straney
Optimising the efficiency of the Sysmex XN 9000 series at University Hospital Aintree, NHS Foundation Trust

David Spendley
Ashok Nikapota
A multi-disciplinary approach to the Development of Electronic Referral Systems for Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Patients

John Stevens
Siobhan Brennan, Denise Gratton
Optimisation of auditory brainstem response test parameters in babies

Luke Sullivan
Evaluation of inspiratory muscle training (imt) on adult males diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)

Jet van Zalen
N Patel, L Sturridge, L Hart, S Badiani, C Sugihara, G Lloyd
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and stress echocardiography demonstrate unique differences in patients referred for surgery in an enhanced severe valve clinic

Kelly Victor
D. Lux, G.S. Carr-White, N. Barrett, G. Glover, C. Langrish, C. Meadows, N. Ioannou.
Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) in patients requiring veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (vv-ECMO); a retrospective analysis

Emma Walker
Development and validation of an LC-¬‐MS/MS method for the measurement of serum prednisolone.

Paul Waller
Ladan Jama, Misha Piracha, Lucy Jones
Point of Care Testing Has no Effect on Patient Length of Stay in an Accident and Emergency Department