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About Healthcare Science

Information about healthcare science and its education, training and career pathway

Healthcare Science is a broad term encompassing a highly diverse scientific workforce. The aim of this workforce is to improve the health and well-being of patients and the public. Healthcare Science is undertaken by a highly trained scientific workforce practising alongside doctors, nurses, and other health and social care professionals in the delivery of healthcare.

Healthcare Science is critical, not only for the delivery of current healthcare, but also to develop innovative tests and treatments for the future, in light of scientific discovery and the evolving needs of patients and carers. Whilst scientific practice is extremely varied, common to all approaches is the application of scientific principles and understanding to improve human health and wellbeing.

Healthcare Science falls into four broad and overlapping areas – the four divisions. These are:

Life sciences – an understanding of the processes and components of life.
Physical sciences and biomedical engineering – an understanding of physics (including radiation) and engineering.
Physiological sciences – an understanding of the human body’s structure, systems, and functions
Bioinformatics – data, analysis and information management.


The Divisions and Specialisms of Healthcare Science

The divisions and specialisms of Healthcare Science

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